Yo wassup. I'm a semi-fantroll, semi-bullshit rp almost blog. I only have one troll, Anguis, but I *do* multiship, so take as many quadrants as you like. I am willing to do NSFW in terms of gore and sexy things, and just shoot me an ask if you want a plot or just a random rp!


I’ve moved to a new URL guys!!


Go there plz


*aggressively stabs at each individual letter when retyping password*

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Telling the substitute teacher the wrong names: a classic. Telling the substitute teacher you are so old and born again every day, that ten thousand names could never define you, that you’re a shadowed mass swirling forth from jupiter, that your father is time and your mother is death, that you’ll swallow any scream of hers as you grow larger and ever larger: a super classic, king of the school, no homework ever.